Schools & Education

Bancroft is lucky to have amazing schools, both State and Independent. I am proud of the Palaszczuk Government’s record of delivering millions of dollars in infrastructure investment to our local schools, as well as committing to building a new High School in Mango Hill, to take pressure off of North Lakes State College.

If you are looking to find a local school please visit the Queensland Schools Directory.

School Enrolment Management Plans

Most state schools in Bancroft are on School Enrolment Management Plans (School EMP).

The department is responsible for providing facilities to meet the educational needs of students residing within a school’s catchment area.

A School EMP is introduced in a state school which is nearing its student enrolment capacity. In order to ensure sufficient facilities are available for in-catchment students, Principals of these schools are required to restrict the enrolments from out-of-catchment students.

Schools are required to implement a School EMP when enrolments reach 80% of the school’s student enrolment capacity. A school’s student enrolment capacity is the number of students the school can accommodate within the existing learning spaces in the school.

For more information on EMP’s please visit: