New Bushfire Resilient Building Guidance for Queensland Homes

14 December 2020

Chris Whiting MP has urged local residents to “have a close look” at the new Bushfire Resilient Building Guide that has just been released.

To keep strengthening our state’s resilience to the natural disasters like bushfires, the Palaszczuk Government has developed the guidelines to help improve the bushfire resilience of new and existing homes.

“As one of our many challenges in 2020, let’s not forget bushfires as one of them,” said Chris Whiting MP.

“Last year more than 3000 bushfires burned 7.7 million hectares across our state, hitting 23 communities from the Far North to the New South Wales border.

“Scientists are predicting longer bushfire seasons and more extreme bushfire conditions, so managing bushfire risk is essential for Queenslanders living in areas prone to bushfire.

“And that is why the Palaszczuk Government has released guidelines to help improve the bushfire resilience of new and existing homes.

“Whether you are building a new home or want to see how to protect your current home, you should have a look,” said Chris Whiting.

Developed by hazard reduction experts through extensive research, these guidelines provide innovative, practical and affordable solutions for adapting homes and gardens to be more bushfire and heat resistant.

The bushfire resilient building guidelines provide Queenslanders with information on best-practice building and landscaping measures that use tailored, site-specific solutions to adapt buildings for bushfire resilience.

You can read the guidelines here: Bushfire Resilient Building Guidance for Queensland Homes, and you can read other guidelines below: