Have Your Say on Funeral Industry Pricing

By Chris Whiting

17 August 2021

Local residents are encouraged to have their say about future options for pricing transparency in the funeral industry, said Chris Whiting MP.


The Queensland Attorney-General has released an options paper on funeral price transparency with 3 options: implementing a regulation under the Fair Trading Act 1989, amending the current voluntary Queensland Funeral Industry Code of Conduct, or maintaining the status quo.

“We know organising a funeral is an extremely emotional process, often with added time pressure,” said Chris Whiting MP


“The Palaszczuk Government has head from hundreds of Queenslanders who have said price transparency is incredibly important to make informed choices at such a difficult time.


“That is why the Palaszczuk Government’s has released an options paper which will look at price transparency in the funeral industry including issues such as providing up-front costs and giving consumers the ability to compare funeral prices.


“The proposals included in this options paper are very similar to laws introduced by the New South Wales Government in 2020.


“I encourage any local resident who wants to have a say to speak up,” said Chris Whiting.


Consolation will close on 7 October 2021 and the discussion paper can be found here