Enjoy Christmas and Choose Safe Toys

Enjoy Christmas and Choose Safe Toys Main Image

By Chris Whiting

13 December 2021

Chris Whiting MP has reminded local residents to be alert for unsafe toys when shopping for those special gifts this year.
Fair Trading officers have been out and about across Queensland visiting almost 120 stores and checking more than 7,300 products for compliance with mandatory safety standards.

“I know shopping for our kids is one of the most wonderful things you can do at Christmas time,” said Chris Whiting MP.

“The Office of Fair Trading has been out and about to make sure these toys are safe for us to give, but we need everyone to be vigilant about the safety of toys we buy.
“Officers had removed a squishy spider yo yo water ball and toy drum set from sale due to small parts, strangulation and choking hazards.

“A further four plush toys and two foam puzzles were also taken off shelves by officers for testing.
“With the increase in online shopping this year, shoppers should be mindful when purchasing products from overseas – there is always a chance they don’t meet Australian safety standards.
“There are a number of dangers that parents should be on the lookout for including toys or products with small parts, small high powered magnets and button batteries

“If swallowed, a button battery can become stuck in a child’s throat and result in catastrophic injuries and even death.

“The batteries need to be in secure child resistant battery compartments and avoid poor quality products which may release the batteries if broken or dropped,” said Chris Whiting MP
The six S’s of toy safety:

  • Size – the smaller the child, the bigger the toy should be. Parts smaller than a ping pong ball could choke a child under three years.
  • Shape – be wary of products that could be easily swallowed and have sharp points or edges.
  • Surface – small children will place objects in their mouths so make sure that all materials and finishes are non-toxic.
  • Strings – anything over 30cm long may pose a strangulation hazard for a small child and should be removed.
  • Supervision – nothing replaces close supervision by parents and carers.
  • Secure battery compartments - make sure that battery covers are secure and small children can’t access them.