About the Gubbi Gubbi

The Bancroft electorate, and the wider Moreton Bay region, lies on the lands of the Gubbi Gubbi peoples.

The lands of the Gubbi Gubbi stretch from the north bank of the Pine River, north to the Childers area. Locally the Umpie Boang peoples occupied the area from the mouth of the North Pine River to the Caboolture River, taking in modern day Redcliffe and Deception Bay.

Their connection to Deception Bay goes back many thousands of years, as they took advantage of the bounty provided by Moreton Bay, and the local swamps and lagoons. Fish, Oysters, Kangaroos and roots and flowers made up a large portion of their diet.

They had a settlement called Burrajavoiun at Deception Bay, which the park behind the Deception Bay Library takes it name from.

Contact with Europeans occurred for the first time in the 1820’s, when three ex-convicts became lost during a storm off Sydney and were shipwrecked on Moreton Island.

The first recorded visit to Burrajavoiun was by missionaries heading to Toorbul in December 1842.

As Europeans spread across the region, the Gubbi Gubbi were displaced from their traditional lands, and by 1897 most Indigenous people had been removed from the area and forcibly relocated.

The Deception Bay Foreshore contains a significant site for the Gubbi Gubbi people.