Brisbane Airport Community Giving Fund

On 1 September the Brisbane Airport Community Giving Fund will once again be seeking applications from eligible community groups, organisations, individuals and schools. Applications for this round close at 5pm on Sunday 30 September 2018.

The Fund has been established to provide much needed financial assistance to community groups and is part of Brisbane Airport Corporation’s ongoing commitment to supporting and engaging with the local community. It is focused on the categories of health and wellbeing, safety, sport, education or other community benefit initiatives.

To be eligible for consideration in the upcoming round, applications for a Community Giving Fund grant must fit into one of two categories:

  1. The Giving Fund – cash grants to community groups providing health and wellbeing, safety, sport, education, environment or other community benefit initiatives.
  2. Lunch and Learn – opportunity for students or young entrepreneurs to spend time with a leader in the aviation industry. This category does not include cash grants, but rather provides an opportunity to learn.

I would encourage community organisations in the Bancroft electorate to apply for this funding.

Application details and full terms and conditions can be found at 

Community Road Safety Grants to benefit Moreton Downs State School P & C


Road safety in the Bancroft electorate will be boosted thanks to the rollout of the 2018 Community Road Safety Grants.

More than $708,000 will be shared between 49 Queensland schools, community groups and not-for-profit organisations to improve road safety in their local areas in the next three years.

The 2018 Community Road Safety Grants round had two funding streams: for one-off projects and also for three-year programs, to cater for longer-term youth road safety education and learner mentor driver programs

The Palaszczuk Government is also funding a further $4.2 million worth of Community Road Safety Grants over the next three years.

In the Bancroft electorate, the Moreton Downs State School will receive a grant to assist Road Safety & Bycyle Education program.

Member for Bancroft said the grants were a great example of the Palaszczuk Government working with community-based groups on the important and life-saving issue of road safety.

“We all have a role to play in keeping our roads safe, and the successful recipients of the Community Road Safety Grants 2018 funding round are to be commended for their efforts and continued interest in road safety,” he said.

Chris Whiting Member for Bancroft said the grants program helped local organisations address issues at a grassroots level through the development of education activities, road safety projects and other community-based programs.

“I would like to congratulate the successful Community Road Safety Grants 2018 applicants in our local area, who will now have an opportunity to bring their ideas to fruition,” Mr Whiting said.

“No one knows their local community better than the people who live there, and the Queensland Government is pleased to support schools and organisations to address local road safety issues.

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, and when we work together we all reap the benefits.”

Other initiatives to be implemented through the Community Road Safety Grants 2018 funding round across the state include:

  • BRAKE youth road safety education program to seven schools across all regions of Queensland
  • delivery of childhood road safety education and awareness across 9 kindergartens and primary schools
  • delivery of the RYDA youth road safety education program for year 11 by the Rotary Club of Caboolture
  • delivery of bicycle and scooter road safety education and awareness sessions to 23 kindergartens and schools across the state
  • PCYC Bowen for the delivery of their Braking the Cycle learner driver mentor program. More information and a full list of grant recipients will be shortly available at

Solar ACES Wanted to Light Up Solar Schools

Chris Whiting MP wants local solar business to tender for work under the $97 million Advancing Clean Energy Schools (ACES), Chris Whiting MP said.

Mr Whiting said that solar panels will start being installed on Queensland state schools over the summer holidays, and he is encouraging local businesses to submit their tender for this unique solar project.

“The Palaszczuk Government has committed over $97 million over the next three years to install solar panels, and other energy saving devices in our state schools,” said Chris Whiting.

“Every single state school in the Bancroft electorate has been selected, with the first stage to start in the summer holidays,” said Chris Whiting.

“The ACES program includes $40 million for new solar systems and $57 million to install other energy efficiency measures, such as LED lighting and timers on hot water systems.

“Queensland’s state schools are one of the largest energy users in Queensland as they spend more than $67 million a year on their energy bills.

“The ACES program will save schools money which they can redirect into learning outcomes for students, air-conditioning and other facilities,” Chris Whiting said.

The Government is calling for tenders to establish a Pre-Qualified Panel of lead contractors to implement the ACES program.

Companies who qualify will be announced during Term 4.

“We know this program will have flow-on effects for the local economy as the contractors we employ will have to maximise local employment opportunities,” said Chris Whiting.

Stage One schools will be named during Term 4, with stages two and three rolling out to remaining schools in 2019 and 2020.

Details of the Invitation to Offer (ITO) are available on the Qtenders website –

We want women in sport to Start Playing and Stay Playing

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for all the hard work they do for local sports clubs?  Chris Whiting wants them nominated for the “Start Playing, Stay Playing” Excellence Awards.

The “Start Playing, Stay Playing” Excellence Awards acknowledge the achievements of individuals, groups or organisations going above and beyond to increase and enhance participation opportunities for women and girls in the region.

“We have so many women and men who set the example in volunteering for local sports clubs and keep getting teams on the field every weekend,” said Chris Whiting.

“Winners get $1,000 in prize money and go in the running to win an additional $2,000 for the Minister’s “Start Playing, Stay Playing” Excellence Award.

“The awards opened this week and close on 6 August, so I encourage people to nominate women, teams, organisations or initiatives who set the example through Inspiration, Innovation and Inclusion.”

“Too many Queensland women and girls in the community are missing out on the health and social benefits of sport and active recreation.

“I hope we can change that and that is why our message to women and girls of all ages is to Start Playing and Stay Playing.

“The Inclusion award recognises individuals, groups or organisations who have broken down barriers to include female participants in sport or active recreation.

“The Innovation award recognises individuals, groups or organisations who have implemented an innovative initiative to increase or enhance women’s and girls’ participation.

“The Inspiration award recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, teams or groups who have achieved a significant goal that inspires others.

“In addition, there is an overall Minister’s Start Playing Stay Playing Excellence Award that will be presented to one of the category winners,” said Chris Whiting.

Opportunities and funding for females in sport and active recreation include:

  • The $15 million Female Facilities Program to improve sport club facilities for women
  • Almost $2 million for the Get Out, Get Active program to fund 75 community initiatives
  • Join the Movement as part of the Start Playing Stay Playing initiative.

National Tree Day Annual Give-away

It’s National Tree Day on Sunday 29 July and Chris Whiting MP will be again giving away native seedlings to local residents.

Chris hopes this will inspire people to get out in their gardens or community spaces and plant more trees to make it a “greener” community.

“It would be great to see young children prompted to go into their gardens to plant and tend to these young trees and shrubs,” Chris Whiting said.


This year, Chris will be giving away seedlings at specific times, at the following locations:

The Hilltop Shopping Centre (71 Astley Parade, North Lakes) – 9:00am – 10:30am near the IGA.

The Deception Bay Market Place (Bay Avenue, Deception Bay – 11am – 12:00pm inside near the post office.

The Hub (Corner Buckley & Uhlmann Road, Burpengary) – 1pm – 2:00pm next to Spicerite.

“Come and have a chat with me about how planting one tree can do for our environment,” said Chris Whiting

Sign up now for Queensland’s Ready Reading army

Avid readers in Bancroft are being encouraged to sign up to become Ready Reading volunteers to help students discover the joy of reading.

Chris Whiting MP said the Palaszczuk Government was supporting students to become lifelong readers through the Ready Reading Program.

“We’re looking for an army of up to 3000 reading volunteers from across the state, who will be provided with free training to help Queensland students improve their literacy skills,” Mr Whiting said.

“The Ready Reading Program encourages students to develop a love of reading from a young age and we want people to register for it now.

“It shows the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to give students a strong start in their early years.

“This program is being delivered in partnership with Volunteering Queensland and is open to all parents, caregivers and community members,” said Chris Whiting.

Chris Whiting said the Palaszczuk Government was investing $1.6 million over three years to bring back the Ready Reading program, which was cut under the LNP Government.

Volunteers from across the state can express their interest in becoming a reading volunteer. Training will commence in Far North Queensland, North Coast and Central Queensland regions in Term 1, 2019.

Chris Whiting said even parents who already read to their children at home could benefit from volunteering to be a Ready Reader at school.



“All volunteers will be trained by reading experts to understand the deeper foundational knowledge of reading and strategies to assist the development of reading skills in children,” Chris Whiting said.

“Instilling a love of reading in our children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them, and one which sets them up educationally for life.”

Ready Reading volunteers who require a Blue Card will incur no charge. Parents volunteering solely at the school attended by their child do not require a Blue Card.

Registration for the Queensland Ready Reading program is available online at the Volunteering Queensland website.


We all want young people to be healthy, happy and safe. However, there is growing concern in some communities about cyberbullying of young people. Cyberbullying is using technology to bully another person. It can hurt young people, their families and friends. It is also a complex problem that can be invisible and difficult to stop.

The Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce needs your help to develop a framework for Queensland to help reduce cyberbullying of young people. They want to hear from parents, family members, carers, young people, community groups, health and wellbeing experts and people who work in our schools.

In particular, the Taskforce wants to hear about your ideas to:

• prevent or reduce cyberbullying
• support people affected by the cyberbullying of young people.

The Taskforce is chaired by Madonna King, and includes members with knowledge and expertise in education, youth health and wellbeing, law, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, disability and families.

How to have your say:
Email the Taskforce at

Upload your ideas as a submission on the Taskforce website

Come to a public forum in 12 Queensland locations including Brisbane, Cairns, Rockhampton and Roma.
For information about forums visit

Everyone can be part of the stand against cyberbullying. Ms King and the Taskforce members look forward to hearing from you.

Hall Yes! Curtain raised on Bounty Boulevard State School Hall

The Bounty Boulevard State School community came together yesterday to celebrate the official opening of their long-awaited new school hall said Member for Bancroft Chris Whiting MP.

The new hall is a state-of-the-art indoor facility able to host the school’s musicals and run sporting events. The hall project also included an additional 40 parking spaces at the school.

“It has been a privilege to work with the Bounty Boulevard school community to secure this much-needed hall for them,” Mr Whiting said.

“It was a great day when I heard from former Minister for Education Kate Jones that I had secured $5M to build the hall.

“It was clear that Queensland’s largest primary school needed a hall, and it is great the current Education Minister Grace Grace was able to open it”


“I asked the school community to rally behind the cause, and they sent me hundreds of letters and emails explaining why we needed the hall.

“I know these letters were instrumental in getting Bounty Boulevard State School to the top of the list when the Palaszczuk Government announced our $200 million Advancing Queensland Schools Fund in March 2017.

“I have managed to secure significant investment of more than $37 million in our local schools since the 2015 election so our kids can have the highest quality education,” Mr Whiting said.

The new hall incorporates a multipurpose sports court, stage area, storage rooms, amenities and change rooms.

Bounty Boulevard State School is Queensland’s largest primary school, with enrolment growing from 130 students when it opened in 2009, to over 1,400 today.

Sun Shines Bright on Bancroft’s Solar Schools

Solar panels will go on the rooftops of every State school in Deception Bay and North Lakes under the Palaszczuk Government’s $97 million Advancing Clean Energy Schools program, said Member for Bancroft Chris Whiting.

The Advancing Clean Energy Schools (ACES) program will deliver huge savings to local schools and allow them the opportunity to invest in more air conditioning for students, said Chris Whiting.

“I pushed hard to get solar power and energy efficiency measures installed at all our all local State schools,” Chris Whiting said.

“Schools are selected based on their energy consumption, student enrolments and whether we can use local suppliers to do the work.”

“So this isn’t just great news for our local schools but is also an opportunity for our local suppliers, businesses and tradies to benefit from this investment,” said Chris Whiting.

Chris Whiting said the installation will happen over three years and the ACES program will save our schools an estimated $10.2 million a year.

“Our state schools are among the government’s largest energy users, with an annual energy bill of more than $50 million,” Chris Whiting said.

“There will be an announcement in a matter of weeks about the procurement and tender process and the expected start dates for installations.

“The first phase of the program this year will include up to 30 schools in each of the Department of Education’s seven regions, so the benefits will be shared throughout the state.

“The program will see an investment of $40 million in solar photovoltaic systems and $57 million on making schools more energy efficient.

“Renewable energy technology has developed significantly and we want to take advantage of the opportunities that now exist for our state schools to make energy savings,” Chris Whiting said.

The schools to receive solar panels in the Bancroft electorate are:

• Bounty Boulevard State School
• North Lakes State College
• Deception Bay State School
• Deception Bay North State School
• Deception Bay State High School
• Moreton Downs State School

Bounty Boulevard State School Scores Two New Crossing Supervisors

Students at Bounty Boulevard State School will have a safer journey to and from school, thanks to the Palaszczuk Government’s continued rollout of the School Crossing Supervisors Program.

Bounty Boulevard is set to receive two new crossing supervisors, as part of an additional 25 new supervisors being allocated to 19 schools during the 2017-18 financial year.

The Palaszczuk Government is committed to keeping our kids safe. Sending children to school can be stressful for parents, so it is great to have that extra level of safety assurance that crossing supervisors provide.

Thanks to the new supervisors Bounty Boulevard State School will benefit from the School Crossing Supervisor Scheme for many years to come.

Peak traffic times will now be a lot safer for these students, as they will have the help of the supervisors as they travel to and from school. School crossing supervisors do a tremendous job keeping children safe and educating them about road safety.

Supervised school crossings encourage pedestrians to cross the road at a safe location, rather than at a different and sometimes unsafe points along the road. Supervised crossing also decrease delays around schools for motorists, as well as reminding them to take extra care on the road.

As the biggest Prep – 6 school in Queensland, Bounty Boulevard State School can get quite busy in the morning and afternoon, so it is fantastic that these supervisors will be on site to make sure that children can get safely to and from school.

For more information on School Crossing Supervisors, including how to become a Supervisor visit:

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